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LinkedIn Employees Love Their CEO For Fostering Transparency

It also doesn't hurt that "perks are amazing."

LinkedIn Employees Love Their CEO For Fostering Transparency

[Image: Flickr user Sylvain Kalache]

LinkedIn employees really love their CEO. At least, if Glassdoor's latest survey is to be believed. The career site says Jeff Weiner's current and former employees give him a 100% approval rating, the highest among the large companies surveyed. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, which topped the list last year, slipped to 10th place with a 93% approval, down from 99%.

According to Glassdoor's reviews, LinkedIn employees praised Weiner for fostering a transparent company culture, with one engineer citing bi-weekly company-wide meetings with the CEO. It also doesn't hurt that "perks are amazing," according to another employee.

Overall, tech leaders made a strong showing on Glassdoor's list, including Google's Larry Page (No. 11, 93%), Apple's Tim Cook (No. 18, 92%), Amazon's Jeff Bezos (No. 33, 86%), and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer (No. 50, 79%), who made up one of two female CEOs on the list (the other being Sharen Turney at Victoria's Secret, who ranked No. 35 with an 85% approval).

Updated: Glassdoor has updated its list due to a data error that left Northwestern Mutual CEO John E. Schlifske, who had a 95% approval rating and came in fourth, off its rankings. In addition to swapping out the infographic, we have updated the rankings of mentioned CEOs in this post to reflect this change.