Infographic: These Maps Reveal Which Cities Have Suffered The Most (Movie-Related) Destruction

The sight of a partially char-broiled Statue of Liberty used to mean something. You might have seen it in Independence Day in 1996 and felt emotionally invested in not letting the aliens destroy your beloved country. But by the time Lady Liberty’s decapitated head rolled down the street in 2008’s Cloverfield, it was about as stirring as a refurbished town hall. The disaster movie boom has busted our sensitivity to disaster, in a way that only becomes clear with all these atrocities presented at once.

Deadspin has created an exhaustive map that details all the many ways the U.S. has taken a cinematic beating lo these many years, and where the damage was incurred. Each type of disaster is noted with an appropriate icon on separate maps, and then they are all corralled together into a master map. These categories include: Climatic and Geologic Events; Alien, Creature, and Monster Attacks; Space Rocks; and of course manmade chaos. While the map is by no means comprehensive, it does include over 189+ incidents, decided by a rubric you would do well to check out here.

Although there isn’t a lot of surprising information here (Los Angeles and New York bear the brunt of these various travesties), seeing the carnage altogether is about as bludgeoning as a sharknado to the face.

Have a look at some more of these maps in the slides above.JB