5 Free Apps For Cashing In On Your Habits

Getting something for nothing is always a scam–but getting a little bit extra, for next-to-nothing? That’s where these apps come in.

The currency of the Internet may be likes and upvotes, but sometimes it’s nice to get paid in real cash, not comments.


Trying to make it in the gig economy might be more work than it’s worth, but these apps pay you for little effort and time spent. They won’t make you rich, but if you get a thrill from earning points for rewards, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.

As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Foap (Android and iOS)

Everyone with a smartphone and a few filters fancies themselves as a photographer. Sell your photos with Foap by uploading or joining missions. The success stories sound almost too good to be true–brands like Puma and Heineken commissioning users for thousands. But the rest of us can hope to make $5 per photo purchased, on average.

Receipt Hog (Android and iOS)

Instead of letting them live forever in the bottom of your bag, turn receipts into points redeemable for change. Snap a photo of your shopping trip for Receipt Hog to digitize (handy enough in itself, for keeping records) and earn chances to win prizes. The larger the shopping trip, the more coins you earn: $10 gets you five coins, $10 to $50 earns 10 coins, and so on. One thousand coins earns $5 PayPal cash. The process of earning real cash is slow, but still a nice incentive to keep feeding the hog.


FeaturePoints (Android)

If you’re reading this article, you already like free apps. Why not get paid to try them? Download an app from FeaturePoints, test it out for at least one minute, and earn points for prizes. App developers can promote their creations for 50 cents for promoting to users.

iPoll (Android and iOS)

An opinion plus a smartphone can be a dangerous combination. Channel your need to be heard and earn points for prizes, taking polls, audio, and photos based on your experience and tailored to your location/personal details.

Parking Panda (Android and iOS)

Owning a parking spot in the city is like having a personal helicopter landing pad. Cash in on that sweet 16 feet of free space with the street-side equivalent of Airbnb. List your spot for free–Parking Panda takes a “small transaction fee” and pays you the rest–and pick your own price.


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