Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? [Round 2]

Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? [Round 2]

Welcome to Round 2 of Co.Design Bracket Madness! With your help, we’ve compiled a bracket featuring some of the greatest designers alive. Your job is to help crown a winner.

Readers submitted more than 50,000 votes in the tournament’s first round, which ended last night. Florence Knoll edged out Elon Musk by less than a single percentage point in the closest race of the round. And our interactive design division was full of upsets, with the bottom four seeds knocking out their higher-ranked competitors. Here are all the results:

Massimo Vignelli beat Matthew Carter, receiving 74% of the vote vs. Carter’s 26%
Stefan Sagmeister beat Nicholas Felton, 64% to 36%
Paula Scher beat Edward Tufte, 54% to 46%
Mike Bostock beat Ivan Poupyrev, 57% to 43%
Hiroshi Ishii beat Loren Brichter, 70% to 30%
Ethan Marcotte beat Mark Rolston, 56% to 44%
Lisa Strausfeld beat Jinha Lee, 61% to 39%
Jonathan Ive beat Philippe Starck, 76% to 24%
Florence Knoll beat Elon Musk, 50.36% to 49.64%
James Dyson beat Naoto Fukasawa, 55% to 45%
Dieter Rams beat Marc Newson, 87% to 12%
Rem Koolhaas beat Renzo Piano, 59% to 41%
Frank Gehry beat David Adjaye, 72% to 28%
Norman Foster beat Richard Meier, 56% to 44%
Zaha Hadid beat Peter Zumthor, 63% to 37%

Who will make it to the Elite Eight? Vote for your favorite designers, and we’ll announce the winners on Monday, March 24 at 9 a.m. Can Knoll withstand Jony Ive’s crushing popularity? Who reigns supreme in the battle of New York design: I ♥ NY logo creator Milton Glaser, or Paula Scher, who brought the be-bop of city streets to the Public Theater’s graphics system? That, dear readers, is for you to decide.

Suzanne LaBarre and Mark Wilson contributed reporting