Why Your Office Needs More Transparency

We hear it all the time — transparency can give your company a competitive edge.

But what does a transparent workplace look like? Some companies level the playing field by making the promotion process more transparent, while others promote transparency to reduce employee stress.

While you may not want to follow in the footsteps of radical companies that disclose their employees’ salaries to the rest of the world, you should understand that providing as much information as you think your employees need leads to greater employee trust, engagement, and productivity.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish with transparency, the numbers don’t lie. According to data compiled by talent management company, companies that promote good communication are 50% more likely to have lower levels of turnover. Additionally, businesses with high levels of engagement reported 22% higher productivity.

So how do you get there, and where do you start? Take a look at this infographic for some steps to a more transparent workplace and potential roadblocks.