Rust Cohle-Inspired Pumps? Yes, Please

Shoes of Prey is part fashion brand, part fantasyland, in that you can use their interactive website to design and order your perfect shoe.


Yesterday, Betty Felon at Comics Alliance used the online design studio to dream up shoes based on superheroes, including Wonder Woman, Batman, and everyone’s favorite villain, Loki. So we wondered what other characters would be fun to interpret as footwear, and the answer was easy: heroes and anti-heroes from the new golden age of television.

Here are a few we whipped up, but the possibilities are endless. Our next project: every inmate from Orange Is The New Black.

Olivia Pope Gladiators
This one is a no-brainer: gladiator sandals inspired by world’s most gorgeous, poised crisis manager, Scandal‘s Olivia Pope. White patent leather, of course, but with a touch of her indispensable red wine.

Rust Cohle Heeled Oxfords
Emotionally removed, nihilistic, and sexy as hell, True Detective‘s Rust Cohle would surely be partial to these oxfords inspired by Lone Star beer cans. A little bit of glitter, a little bit of mohair, a lot of ass-kicking.

Shoshanna Shapiro Wedges
Girls‘ youngest girl Shosh is about to graduate from college, and she’ll need some interview clothes. But hopefully she won’t tone her flamboyant style down too much, going for some neon pink soft leather, magenta scales, and a brown rose to match her hair donut.

Joan Holloway Pumps
That’s right, we refuse to call her Joan Harris. Mad Men‘s most valuable secretary-turned-partner has proven a lot of things, including that red goes with anything, including a slightly different red.

Blue Meth Ballet Flats
You could spend days designing purple shoes inspired by Breaking Bad‘s Marie Schrader, but we went with the show’s most important character–Heisenberg’s sweet, sweet, crystal blue persuasion.