A Sequel To The Incredibles Is On The Way. A Look At What Made The Original So Special

Pixar president Ed Catmull tells a story about how the dynamic relationship between Mr. Incredible and his wife, Elastigirl, came to be.

A Sequel To The Incredibles Is On The Way. A Look At What Made The Original So Special
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Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the news during a shareholder meeting, and said that director Brad Bird is writing the sequel, for which no release date has been set. The announcement was followed by a tweet from Disney-Pixar, confirming the news:

In his new book, Creativity, Inc., Pixar president Ed Catmull shares insights on the creative process behind Pixar’s movies. A large excerpt of the book appears in the April 2014 issue of Fast Company, and one story about the making of The Incredibles is especially loved by our editor, Robert Safian. In his editor’s letter, he says:

One story I love from his book, which isn’t included in the excerpt, is about the making of The Incredibles. After an early screening, director Brad Bird’s colleagues gently but firmly shared that the relationship between the husband and wife wasn’t working. They felt that a major rewrite was in order. Bird took the criticism at face value–but not the solution. He believed in his characters, but why weren’t they coming across as he intended? Bird zeroed in on one scene, an argument in which the rather large Mr. Incredible raised his voice at his waifish wife, Elastigirl. Bird realized that the visuals made the husband seem a bully, and the wife a victim. His solution: to have Elastigirl expand her body at a key moment in the scene. The dialogue remained unchanged. When Bird screened the revised film, his colleagues applauded him for what they perceived as a radical rewrite. They didn’t realize that just one small thing had been adjusted.

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