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PSA: Don't Click This Fake Grand Theft Auto V Email

A new phishing scheme invites recipients to become GTA V beta testers for the unannounced PC version. Don't be fooled.

PSA: Don't Click This Fake Grand Theft Auto V Email

[Image: Flickr user AXLiberty]

If you happen to receive an email inviting you to beta test a yet-to-be announced version of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, a word of advice: Don't. Click. Anything.

As pointed out by Trend Micro's security blog, a new phishing scheme making the rounds invites would-be gamers to try GTA V for Windows (which hasn't been confirmed), by offering a free promotional code for them to click on. The email—which is loaded with questionable-looking links—is written half in English and half in Slovak, and is said to give cybercriminals access to your computer.

"The biggest problem is the attached .ZIP file, which when opened reveals an application named Your promo code in app," writes Trend Micro's Michael Casayuran. "The extension may actually make people believe that it is a link to the Rockstar; in fact it is a backdoor detected as BKDR_ANDROM.ATG."

That said, we don't know how widespread these emails are, but we have contacted Rockstar Games for comment and will update this post if we hear anything back. As security expert Graham Cluley told Fast Company recently: "Humans can't be upgraded… You can't fix the bug in people's brain that makes them click a link, or choose a really dumb password."