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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Travels To China To Meet With Government Officials

He is scheduled to meet with officials of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a special economic area testing market liberalization measures.

[Image: Flickr user Ndecam]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is traveling to China to speak with government officials, academics, and students, Reuters reports. His travel plans suggest Twitter is hoping to expand to China, where the social network is currently banned.

In his first trip to the country, Costolo is scheduled to land in Shanghai on Monday. Of particular note, Costolo is meeting with representatives of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a special economic area with loosened economic restrictions.

In January, China lifted a 13-year-ban on video game consoles, allowing foreign companies, such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to manufacture consoles in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Though China has 600 million Internet users, officials have denied reports that the country will loosen restrictions for the social network in the area.

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