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The Creator Of This Amazing Beyonce Emoji Video Did It For Love

Sometimes trying to impress a girl ends in embarrassment. But every so often—like with this "Drunk in Love" emoji video—you strike creative gold.

Jesse Hill, who a week ago won over fans of Beyonce and emoji alike with his wonderful "Drunk In Love" emoji music video, has put out another, similar creation to the tune of Rick Ross's "Sanctified," featuring Kanye West and Big Sean. The clip, which cleverly uses the popular texting symbols to illustrate the song's lyrics, is just as mesmerizing as his debut, as you can see below. (I particularly like his eggplant usage.)

But, possibly more delightful than the clips themselves is the origin story behind last week's Internet sensation. Hill, a 33-year-old Austin-based video producer, decided, after seeing a similar creation by John Michael Boling, to get into the emoji vid game to impress a girl, he told Vogue:

I realize how silly I sound when I say this story—but I was just doing it to make a lady smile. She’ll think this is funny. When "Drunk in Love" came out, she made a joke and said, "This is our song. We only act like this when we drink." And that’s why I made it for her. I was texting with her when the song came on the radio, she sent me the dial numbers, I put it on, and just to show her we were listening at the same time, I sent her the surfboard Emoji, and she sent one back, and that’s when I was like, I should do this.

It sounds like his ultra-romantic gesture only kind of worked. "Of course, she was impressed," Hill says. But: "It's pretty complicated, honestly." If a boy made me a Beyonce emoji music video, I'd uncomplicate that relationship ASAP.