Custom Armor For Barbie Prepares Her To Fight You (And Dragons) To The Death

In light of Mattel’s continued insistence on Barbie’s ridiculous sizing, a couple of weeks ago we published a piece on the latest vision in a long line of anti-Barbies: The Lammily doll, a line of dolls with the proportions of an average 19-year-old girl.

Then, Jim Rodda, a video game designer based in Appleton, Wisconsin, emailed us. It turns out that he’s crowdfunding his own anti-Barbie, and she’s covered in 3-D printed armor.

Credit: Jim Rodda

Rodda, a self-described 3-D printing and Game of Thrones geek, had originally planned to make My Little Pony accessories for his four-year-old niece’s birthday. But then, divine inspiration struck, and his focus turned to Barbie.

“I don’t see exactly what Mattel is doing,” he said. “I wanted to make something that I would want to play with, and I’m not all that interested in glittery fashion stuff and heels. Not that I wear heels.”

Rodda says his open-source 3-D printing plan “definitely has a feminist bent” to it. But he also wanted to respect the original design. “Barbie has done everything already,” he said, citing her forays into veterinary medicine and astrophysics. “I want her to give her the option to wear cool armor if she wants to.”

Now she does. And it’s a pretty good fit, too. But after he produces this set of armor–which will come with enameled flowers and the like–Rodda wants to take on the swollen-headed Bratz dolls. As far as he can tell, their adventures are even more limited than Barbie’s. “All they do is stand around,” he said.

Godspeed, fair Rodda. Armored Barbie would battle Entrepreneur Barbie right out of the Seven Kingdoms.

(Here’s the Kickstarter campaign.)SB