• 03.14.14

This Art Series Chronicles Every Beautiful Death In “Game of Thrones”

New HBO site counts down to Season 4 with a daily poster marking a death from every episode of past three seasons.

Oh sweet, sweet nerdery! As the anticipation for the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones reaches the flop sweat stages, the network has unleashed its latest nod to its legions of Westoros wannabes in the form “Beautiful Death.”


Every day until the show’s April 6th return, the site is hosting a “death-by-death” countdown to chronicle a death from every episode from the past three seasons with artwork by Robert M. Ball. The pictures and words of each are cryptic enough to save anyone the chance of spoilers (except SPOILER ALERT the swine song of Robert Baratheon).

The network is also asking fans to submit artwork of their own favorite deaths from the show, with a chance for it to be featured on the site. Here’s hoping someone gets their crayons out for Grey Wind.

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