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Apple Added A "Selfie" Section To The App Store

Self-portrait enthusiasts now have their one-stop shop.

Apple Added A "Selfie" Section To The App Store

[Image: iTunes Screenshot]

Further adding to the unshakable feeling that the apocalypse is nigh, Apple added a dedicated selfie section to the App Store. So, if you're looking for apps like Frontback, Snapchat, or Picr—a photo application that kindly reminds you to take a photo of yourself every single day—now you have your one-stop shop.

The term selfie first appeared on Flickr in 2004, but took about a decade to blossom into the public consciousness, capping things off when it was crowned the Oxford English Dictionary's "Word of the Year" for 2013. With everyone from the Pope to Ellen flexing their selfie bona fides, the practice has become less a rolling phenomenon more a fixture of modern culture.

The practice itself, though, is far older than our phone technology might suggests. According to the Library of Congress, the first self-photograph dates all the way back to 1839, when chemist Robert Cornelius snapped a photo in his family's lighting store.