Artists, VSCO Wants To Help Fund Your Creative Projects

VSCO just announced a new $100,000 scholarship fund to help creatives get their projects off the ground.

Art can be a difficult world to break into. It’s expensive, and it doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. Enter the VSCO Artist Initiative, which was created to “honor art and artist by discovering, funding, advising, and promoting creatives from all corners of the globe.” The initial batch of recipients–including Shanghai-based photographer Leon Yan and Joshua Kissi of menswear initiative Street Etiquette–will be documenting their creative process on VSCO Grid, the company’s new-ish in-app social network.

“We come from creative backgrounds (illustrators, designers, photographers, etc.) so trying to do our part to encourage, promote, and support the creative community is something that resonates with us,” VSCO cofounder Greg Lutze told Fast Company. “We believe that we are part of the creative community, and if we are to win as a company, we do so alongside creatives. We are in this together.”

If you’re interested in applying, the VSCO team will review submissions based on the following criteria:

1. The project has the potential for positive social and artistic impact.
2. The project is unique and interesting.
3. The budget is reasonable.
4. The applicant displays passion, initiative, and creativity.

Sound like something you can do? You can apply for the scholarship over here.