Will Ferrell And Robert Redford Fight Over The Colorado River Delta

Robert Redford is a powerful man with a powerful voice and the legendary actor is using it to raise awareness and money to restore the Colorado River Delta. There’s only one problem. Will Ferrell disagrees. Sort of.

See, Redford wants you to go to to find out how you can help reconnect the Colorado River with the Gulf of California. But instead of bringing the river back to the ocean, Ferrell insists the better way to go is to bring the ocean to the river. In this new video by agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) and Funny or Die, the two Hollywood stars go head to head over their differing opinions.

As you might expect, Redford plays it calm and cool. But the Lord of the Sundance has picked a tough battle. We all know Ferrell plays for keeps. He will defile your drumset or punch you square in the face while you sleep.

This time, the comedian enlists pro surfer Kelly Slater to promote his own site,, bragging about acres of new beachfront property, sweet waves and more.

In a statement, BSSP CEO Greg Stern said, “The approach each man takes couldn’t be more different. We thought that would be a good way to go beyond the expected public service announcement and get people to notice and take action on this important issue. Both Redford and Ferrell seek to restore the Colorado River, but Ferrell’s Move the Ocean adds a layer of comedy and further engagement. This is a new approach in getting people to notice and care about an important cause.”

Funny or Die is having a pretty good week using comedy to draw more attention to a cause. It’s Between Two Ferns with President Obama made Zach Galifianakis the biggest traffic driver to