Here Come The “First Kiss” Parodies (Featuring Dogs, Brands, Minecraft, and Handys)

Earlier this week, the entire Facebook-faring world found out what happens when 20 strangers of above-average attractiveness are forced to kiss for the first time, in a branded video. It was one of those unavoidable Internet things that everybody at least knows about, even if they don’t watch it. Every brand dreams of a moment like this. (Fun fact: the Kelly Clarkson song, “A Moment Like This,” was originally written by brands.) Once something becomes so immediately embedded in Internet culture, though, the Internet fires back–with parodies. Brands appreciate these too, since to be parodied is to be known.

Although heavy hitters like Funny Or Die and CollegeHumor have stayed away so far, it looks like they have plenty of competition.

Of the 40 million and counting people who saw “First Kiss”, at least six of them decided to make a video response. There are some similarities, of course. All of them are in black and white, and most are set to the strains of the wistful song, “We Might be Dead Tomorrow,” by Soko, as in the original. But these takes diverge wildly from there. Modern Primate did a “fist bump” version. There’s a Minecraft spoof, and a raunchy one about hand jobs. Interestingly, the British yogurt brand Snog got in on the action, making a branded response to a branded video that trades on its double-entendre name. Most people will be happiest, however, to see that the “First Kiss” format has gone to the dogs, adorably.

Watch the parodies in the slides above, and let us know if we missed any, or if you have a funny first kiss story, in the comments.JB