Watch How Awkward And Sweet It Is When Adorable Dogs Are Asked To Sniff Each Other On Camera

Ah, kissing. Who doesn’t enjoy trading enzymes with someone they find attractive?

It may be why, earlier this week, a short film by director Tatia Pilieva called First Kiss commandeered the Internet’s fickle attention: In it, she asked a handful of beautiful strangers (professional actors and models, apparently) to overcome their innate awkwardness and make out with someone they didn’t know… on camera.

It was, of course, part of a clever, heartstring-plucking marketing campaign for Wren Studio, a clothing company. “They were chosen based on how they looked aesthetically together beforehand,” Wren CEO Melissa Coker told Co.Create. “No one knew who they would be paired with until they showed up at the studio.”

But you know what’s better than watching beautiful humans lock lips on camera for the first time?


Hence, the parody video–First Sniff, created by Mother London–which captures the mysterious, beautiful chemistry that takes place when adorable pooches are asked to overcome their shyness in front of a camera. Enjoy.CG