Track The International Space Station And Say Hello To Astronauts, Via National Geographic

The first part of the International Space Station (ISS) was launched in 1998 and since then it’s pretty much been an Airbnb for astronauts of all stripes. We’re told there’s all sorts of research and important science going on up there, but how much do we really know? It could be Mos Eisley or Solaris up there and we’d be none the wiser. By the looks of things last year it might be a bit of both.

But the National Geographic Channel and agency Mullen want to give us a closer look at what exactly is happening on the ISS with a two-hour special on March 14th, broadcast live from space, that will give viewers a fully guided tour and a look at the scientific work being done in orbit. Ahead of the TV show, the companion site is synched to the ISS, which circles the globe every 90 minutes, moving at more than 17,000 mph.

Live Feed from the ISS

The photography galleries and livestreamed video out the window are cool, but to provide a better sense of just how much ground the station covers, you can not only see where on Earth is below the station at any given moment but also what YouTube videos are trending there, what the most popular FourSquare check-ins are, or the Top 10 iTunes charts.

For those lonely space folk, there’s also a social side of the campaign, with #HelloFromEarth giving viewers a chance to send the ISS astronauts Instagrammed salutations or ask questions during the broadcast. Just remember we already know how to clean up a mess and make a sandwich.JB