Because Anonymous Apps Aren’t Private Enough, There’s Sneeky

Our tendency to over-share on social media has inspired a number of anonymous apps, including Secret, Whisper, and Backdoor (best known as the VC-backed company founded by a 14-year-old). Believing there’s still room in this space, Sneeky launched Thursday, positioning itself as an even more private anonymous app.

“With Sneeky, we’ve created an environment where you can share uninhibited in a private setting whereas Secret and Whisper are more public,” cofounder Philip Golbraikh told Fast Company. He said anonymous posts can reach friends of friends on Secret or the greater user community on Whisper. “We stay within a private network of close friends,” he said.

Sneeky is a bootstrapped iOS app cofounded by Golbraikh, David Alson, and Garrett Peek, the designer of Omgpop’s app Draw Something. In addition to limiting the reach of anonymous posts (called “sneeks”), the team wanted Sneeky to be centered around visuals. “Photos and symbols give more depth to your image,” Golbraikh said. “We’re photo-centric whereas other apps are text- or message-based and you add a photo later on.”

To compete against existing anonymous apps, Sneeky hopes “to carve out a niche for itself [the same way] Snapchat has selfies, and Instagram has food pictures,” Golbraikh said.AT