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The Wall Street Journal Launches Native Advertising Division

Blurring the lines between advertorial and editorial, WSJ. Custom Studios creates Narratives for interactive advertising across various platforms.

[Image: Flickr user AspirationTech]

The Wall Street Journal has launched a new division to support native and interactive advertising across its various platforms.

WSJ. Custom Studios is "innovative, intelligent and flexible suite of capabilities that will help market-leading brands develop even deeper relationships with their clients and our readers, the world’s most important decision makers," according to global head of advertising sales, Trevor Fellows.

Blurring the lines between advertorial and editorial, one of the first products to come from this division is a native-advertising initiative called Narratives. The aim is to place videos, infographics, and other interactive elements on WSJ's website without interrupting the reader experience, according to the company. The data storage company Brocade is the sponsor of the first installment, which over three months will run 12 articles about tech and data beginning tomorrow.

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