Greenpeace Shames P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” Campaign With Orphaned Orangutans

Lately P&G has done a pretty amazing job of leveraging the role and stories of motherhood in its advertising to make an emotional connection to consumers.

But now Greenpeace has unveiled a spot that takes that association and flips it to put a spotlight on what it says it the company’s role in tropical forest destruction in Indonesia. Many home products use palm oil, which Greenpeace says is sourced from companies that are connected to substantial clearance of endangered orangutan habitat in Indonesia. The spot puts a heartbreaking (nearly) human face on the issue.

The spot debuted just days before a group of nine Greenpeace protesters were arrested on burglary and vandalism charges after breaking into Procter and Gamble’s Cincinnati offices, where they used zip lines to unfurl protest banners from the 12th floor.

A P&G spokesperson told the Washington Post that the company is “on the same side of the issue” as Greenpeace and committed to 100% sustainable sourcing of its palm oil by 2015.JB