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Punk-Rock Branding: The Clash Teams With Converse For Three Artists, One Song

David Bowie for Lincoln. Iggy Pop for Royal Caribbean. And now the Clash for Converse. Is big-name advertising death or glory for punk rock stars?

The Clash's Mick Jones and Paul Simonon are joining Frank Ocean and Diplo for the next installment of Converse's Three Artists, One Song series. The song, titled "Hero," is scheduled for release on March 10, the latest in a long line of inter-genre collaborations sponsored by the popular clothing brand.

In a statement reported by Pitchfork, Diplo expressed his gratitude to the the Clash, praising the groundbreaking punk rockers for their "musical anarchy and constant attitude to disregard rules and forge their own path."

This time, the Clash are far from trailblazers: Many notable punk-rock and new-wave artists have lent their anti-corporate ethos to major consumer brands. Jones and Simonon join the ranks of David Bowie, Elvis Costello, and Iggy Pop, all of whom have licensed, or sold, their talents in major commercial agreements.

You can watch them below:

David Bowie For Lincoln

Iggy Pop for Royal Caribbean

Elvis Costello for Lexus

[Image credit: flickr user helgeov]

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