For Everyone Having A Hard Day, Here’s An Important Message

Before we proceed, please watch the commercial above. We don’t want to spoil it…



Wide, pleading eyes, a tearjerker tune, the sight of a cute little creature behind bars–these are common in animal shelter advertising. And while sadness and empathy can be effective motivators, recently, those looking to get an adoption message across have opted for inspiration and moments of joy. Like when Dallas Pets Alive! decided to drop adoptable dogs into people’s Instagrammed selfies.

Now BBH London comes with “Unloved.” Through the eyes of some of society’s less than hospitable jobs, we see how a special friend can add a little love and happiness to our lives.

Creative director Dominic Goldman says the agency approached Mayhew Animal Home to see if they could offer some help with their cause. “Adoption is their most urgent issue, especially this time of year when pets that were given as Christmas presents are proving too much hassle for some and end up in places such as this,” says Goldman. “I wanted to highlight the truth about the bond that exists between people and their pets, to write something which appealed to people who care about animals, without upsetting them with the usual imagery of abuse.”

Done and done.JB