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Amazon's First 3-D Printed Products Marketplace Is Now Open For Business

Powered by the startup 3DLT, Amazon sends a strong signal about the future of 3-D printing and consumer demand.

Amazon's First 3-D Printed Products Marketplace Is Now Open For Business

Cincinnati-based startup 3DLT, home of the "the first store for 3-D objects," has gone global with the launch of a new storefront on Amazon. The storefront showcases an array of 3-D printed products, from lampshades to jewelry, and, according to the company's CEO, John Hauer, is part of a pilot program by Amazon to introduce 3-D printed products to a wider market.

In an interview with Upstart Business Journal, Hauer explained how the deal came together.

"When we began feeding the products into Amazon, we got a call from them: ‘what are you doing?’" Hauer said. "We said, ‘We’re putting some products in your marketplace.’ They said, ‘That’s all well and good, but we don’t have a category called 3-D printed products.’ We said, ‘We’d like to help you create one.’"

The move by Amazon points to an increased belief that 3-D printing tech can actually be used by the average consumer.

"When it was announced that Amazon would begin selling 3D printers and supplies last summer, the industry heralded it as a defining moment, a clear indication that 3D printing was going mainstream," Hauer noted in a press release announcing the pilot. "We think the decision to sell 3D printed products sends an even bigger message. Consumer products are the next frontier."

[Photo courtesy of BierDoctor]