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Ad Worlds Collide As Geico Gecko Stars In New M&M Commercial

Brands combine popular mascots for totally random collaboration.

Ad Worlds Collide As Geico Gecko Stars In New M&M Commercial

Bringing together beloved characters from different properties can be a fun and rewarding experience. Fans get to see how their favorite characters interact with each other and the collaborators get a mutually beneficial bump in popularity and attention. Just ask comics fans about Marvel’s Civil War, The Infinity Gauntlet or even GI Joe vs Transformers. Or ’80s TV geeks about The Jetsons/Flintstones, Mad About You-meets-Seinfeld or the totally bizarre Cheers/St. Elsewhere mash-up.

Now M&Ms and Geico have taken this sacred pop culture device into the world of commercials. In the ad by agency BBDO New York, Brown M&M figures in a world where everyone is trying to eat her, it might be a good idea to get some insurance. So who do you think she makes an appointment with? There’s even another surprise guest at the end.

In a statement, Geico’s vice-president of marketing Ted Ward said “The M&M spokescandies are recognized and beloved the world over, so if our Gecko and Camel were going to appear in someone else’s commercial this seemed like the perfect opportunity. During the years, these icons have amassed considerable brand equity but rarely outside of their familiar surroundings… I know the Gecko was flattered to have been asked.”

It’s a fun idea, but let’s hope it doesn’t start a collabo arms race that ends with a buddy flick starring The Most Interesting Man, Old Spice Guy and Flo.

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