Pizza Hut’s Interactive Touch Table Could Be Coming to a Restaurant Near You

Ordering pizza is a routine experience. Sure, some pizza players have spiced things up a little, allowing you to visualize and monitor more of the pizza-getting process–think Domino’s Pizza Tracker. But the innovation that we didn’t know we needed–touch-screen interactivity–has been sorely lacking. Until now.

To increase customer participation, Pizza Hut has conceived of an interactive display that would let diners craft a digital version of their pizza on the restaurant table.

Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon Studios released a cheesy (!) demo video of this touch-screen table where patrons can customize, order and pay for their pie. The table you see “was a proof-of-concept exercise, i.e. ‘vaporware,'” says CMS spokesperson Chris Boyles. “As you can see from the video though, we invested a lot of time in UX and visual design. In that sense, it’s pretty real.” Boyles says Pizza Hut is currently considering testing it out in select high-volume stores. “This tech exists today, so it’s possible we could have something in market within six months. We’re just waiting for Pizza Hut to make the call.”

Boyles says that the touch table would likely prevent much of the family in-fighting that occurs when large groups dine together. “It makes sure little Billy, Uncle Jim and grandma get their food their way–and have fun ordering too, taking the stress out of a sometimes complicated process,” he says. And, down the road, can you imagine how touch tables could disrupt the dining experience at KFC or Taco Bell? Before you know it, customers will be designing their own Frito-packed tacos with Cool Ranch shells, Oh, wait…