• 03.04.14

Some Theories Float Up About That Hoverboard Hoax Video

It looks like the makers of the video have been revealed, but the mystery remains.

If Christopher Lloyd, the actor who placed Doc Brown in the Back to the Future franchise, is to be believed, hoverboards are now real. HUVr Tech, the company that brought this dream product to fruition enlisted Lloyd to star in its web ad. Still doubtful? HUVr Tech has a legitimate-looking website. And the ad footage is notably lacking in hooks and wires. It also features lots of people flying feet above the ground, including Moby and Terrell Owens. Great Scott!


The eye-popping video set the Internet abuzz and its accompanying web site hints at a mysterious “destination time” of December 2014. But what did it all mean? Anyone seeing the video immediately assumed it was some marketing hoax–and some observers voiced their fatigue at these now-common phenomena. Was it a promo for a new Back to the Future film? A stunt in advance of the Hot Tub Time Machine sequel? Maybe something from our friends at Thinkmodo, the masters of stunts who’ve given us a hovercraft in the past–as well as a devil baby.

According to reports, the video was the work of Funny or Die (as evidenced by one of the crew’s online resume which listed the job as a FoD commercial), the discovery of which will hopefully hasten the ultimate reveal.

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