This German Home Improvement Store Used Renovated Ugly Buildings As Billboards

Apparently in Germany, a lot of hardware stores (or DIY shops, as they call them) are having a tough go of things and have been forced to fight for every scrap of marketshare. This has led to an arms race of ugly advertising around cheap pricing and the ads are a confusing chaotic mess with fonts and layouts that might give you eye rabies.

But the country’s largest chain Obi decided to change the game a bit and instead came up with a rather ingenious outdoor campaign with agency Jung Von Matt. It started with the question, “Why do people advertise products that are supposed to make our homes look nicer using adverts that make everything look uglier?”

Instead of billboards, the brand and agency found run-down buildings in need of a facelift and then fixed up a billboard-sized portion of them. Drab grey structures now had these fresh and clean blue, purple, and pink sections brightening their exteriors.

The only remaining question is what happens when the campaign is done? Do they make it look ugly again or just leave it there? Well, suppose a great looking billboard-sized rectangle is better than nothing.