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Taco Bell Is Testing Its Own Quesarito: A Burrito-Quesadilla Hybrid

[Image: Flickr user w00tdew00t]

If you find regular burritos lacking in things like whimsy and melted cheese, Taco Bell's newest Frankenfood might be right up your alley. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fast food chain is said to be testing a new portable amalgamation that rolls the beans, rice, cheese, and protein of a burrito inside the warm blanket of a toasted quesadilla.

In other words, yes, Taco Bell is reportedly testing its own version of Chipotle's venerable Quesarito. The Los Angeles Times reports that "the test prices range from $1.99 to $2.99, depending on your choice of protein," which includes ground beef, chicken, or steak. Right now, though, it's only available in one place: Oklahoma City. "The Quesarito is being tested in Oklahoma City to gauge consumer feedback and ensure our team members can execute with speed and service," a Taco Bell spokeswoman told Fast Company in an email. "Based on the response, we’ll determine any national launch plans." Cross your fingers.