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This Coding School Is Offering Scholarships To Women Who Want To Be Developers

"The world will be considerably worse off without adequate female representation."

To encourage more women to become developers, coding school Dev Bootcamp will offer $2,500 scholarship to 10 women from the organization Girl Develop It.

Coinciding with International Women's Day on Saturday, March 8, the organizations plan to formally announce the scholarships from Dev Bootcamp's New York City location during the We Code Unconference. The scholarships will be available to active members of Girl Develop It, an organization that aims to provide women with affordable programs to learn software development. The scholarships, which will offset the $12,200 tuition, can be used at Dev Bootcamp's San Francisco, New York City, or Chicago locations. Dev Bootcamp also has a partnership with female-focused career startup Levo League, offering $2,500 to Levo Scholars.

"Women are wildly underrepresented in the software engineering industry and as 'learning to code' goes mainstream the world will be considerably worse off without adequate female representation," Dev Bootcamp's New York City director Lloyd Nimetz told Fast Company. "Girl Develop It is one of the most respected protagonists working to achieve gender parity in software, and we’re really excited for what we can do together this year."

The world of hack schools is often unregulated, and Dev Bootcamp is one of seven schools that received citation letters from a regulatory agency in California in January. The school says it is working with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to become a licensed learning institution in the state.

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