See How People Around The World Are Re-creating That Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

If you were anywhere near Twitter last night or this morning, you know that the Oscars’s biggest moment happened on social media. With nearly 3 million retweets (that’s the most in the history in Twitter) Ellen DeGeneres has effectively established herself as Queen of the Selfie. (Though, technically, we should point out that Bradley Cooper clicked the pic.) Now the rest of the world is leaping with both feet–and thumbs–into the action, re-creating Ellen’s moment for themselves.

And while Samsung, the device used for the photo, basks in the after-glow of its Galaxy S5 branding moment, they were far from alone in treating the Oscars like, well, like last month’s Super Bowl. Brands of all kinds went big this year, helping ABC sell out slots, despite charging more per spot than any previous Academy Awards broadcast.

No company got more star-powered bang for its buck than Samsung. The Oscar stop is just one element of the brand’s new and robust “One Samsung” campaign. According to Sparkpr, Ellen’s selfie helped Samsung score some 40,000 social mentions during the broadcast, outpacing even the likes of Google and Pepsi, which saw about 1,200 tweets per minute after its Mini Cans ad ran.

The Selfie Seen Around The World, meanwhile, has led to re-creations across the globe: Above, we’ve compiled some of the best–and worst–#Oscar #selfie re-creations we could find. Be sure to share the ones we missed in the comments below!MK