Welcome To The E.G.O.T. Club, “Frozen” Songwriter Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez has just won an Oscar for writing the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, thus completing the entertainment grand slam known as the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony.)

Welcome To The E.G.O.T. Club, “Frozen” Songwriter Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez [Image Courtesy of ABC Media, Disney]

Audrey Hepburn. Mel Brooks. Whoopi Goldberg. These folks comprise 1/4 of one of the most exclusive clubs across all realms of entertainment, the EGOTs, and at the 86th Academy Awards, the club welcomed its newest member.

Idina Menzel Performing “Let It Go”

With his win for the song, “Let It Go,” from Disney’s box office juggernaut, Frozen, songwriter Robert Lopez has completed his Emmy/Grammy/Oscar/Tony journey, and rounded out the club roster to a full dozen. At age 39, Lopez is a rather youthful addition to the group. Actually, he collected these awards faster than anybody else. (The previous record-holder was Rita Moreno, who did it in 16 years.) Lopez received his first Tony for Avenue Q in 2004, his first Daytime Emmy for something called The Wonder Pets four years later, and then in 2012 he won a Grammy for his work on The Book of Mormon (for which he’d already received his second Tony.) Additionally, the songwriter and his wife/collaborator Kristen Anderson-Lopez capped their award win with a very cute rhyming acceptance speech.

Below, watch Broadway veteran Idina Menzel (whose name was spectacularly mispronounced by John Travolta at the Oscars) sing the freshly minted Frozen song, “Let It Go,” and read the full list of EGOTs.

The full list of EGOT club members:

Richard Rodgers, joined 1962
Helen Hayes, joined 1977
Rita Moreno, joined 1977
John Gielgud, joined 1991
Audrey Hepburn, joined 1994
Marvin Hamlisch, joined 1995
Jonathan Tunick, joined 1997
Mel Brooks, joined 2001
Mike Nichols, joined 2001
Whoopi Goldberg, joined 2002
Scott Rudin, joined 2012
Robert Lopez, joined 2014

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