This Infographic Details A Year In the Life of One Professional Escort

Here are a few details about Avery Moore, an escort who splits her time between New York and San Francisco. Last year she sent 3,283 emails, spent 93 hours in taxis and received 49 books from gentleman callers. Not exactly titillating information. But this mundane information is typical of what Moore catalogues in an infographic about her professional life.

“It would be a practical nightmare for anyone to keep track of her sex for a year if she wanted to be more specific than making a little hash mark every time she ‘did it,'” says Moore. For her, sex is “a fluid interaction with constant movement.” Which means trying to break down each encounter into “hand-jobs, blow-jobs, etc.” is next to impossible. “To catalog it only in your head while it’s happening and write it all down after the fact? It would totally ruin the fun,” she says.

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The infographic demonstrated to Moore exactly how much traveling she really does. “I would not have estimated off the top of my head that I’d been to Vegas 12 times last year. Probably because I love Vegas so much, the visits there go by in a flash,” she says.

And why do men give so many more books than shoes? “I think books feel more intimate than shoes,” she says. “Also, it would be much more conspicuous for a guy to be caught with a pair of women’s heels than with a book. So books are less of a liability.”JM