You Need To See This: Samsung Plays Up Its Multi-Screen Portfolio In “One Samsung” Campaign

With small screens, big screens, curved screens, touch screens, this must be what techtopia looks like. Samsung goes integrated with “One Samsung.”

In the past Samsung has used its challenger status to rip on the cult of Apple, but the South Korean electronics giant has now taken a page from the playbook of Cupertino’s finest to showcase how much more fulfilling our lives can be by being seamlessly integrated with its products.


The brand’s new “One Samsung” campaign, from agency 72andSunny, debuts during the Oscars. The campaign’s anthem ad shows friends, family, kids, adults, everyone enjoying life and each other just a little bit more thanks to a full complement of Samsung gear, including the Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy S5, Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear Fit, and the world’s first curved UHD TV.

“From our TVs, to smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices–Samsung is continually first to market with new technology that helps our consumers live better lives in today’s world,” said Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer of Samsung Telecommunications America in a statement. “This campaign celebrates the incredible things that happen with Samsung products.” In addition to ads during the Oscars (the brand has more than five minutes of air time in Sunday’s broadcast), the campaign will also play out in digital ads and via social media channels. The brand also had a big role in the awards ceremony itself, with host Ellen Degeneres taking a number of selfies with the Galaxy Note 3, including an epic snap featuring a who’s who of the night’s biggest stars.

The epic selfie.

Samsung has made huge strides in the mobile space since Pendleton arrived on the scene, taking the Galaxy from nowhere to the top of the pile in a few short years. So it’s interesting to see Samsung, maker of everything from phones to fridges, taking its mobile marketing mojo and spreading it around a bit–including home entertainment in the lifestyle picture.

With the campaign, Samsung presents techtopia at its most intoxicating. And whether you think our increased reliance on electronics and apps is turning us into a bunch of forgetful sociopaths or not, pretty sure you’d agree that TV would look great in the living room.


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Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. He lives in Toronto.