Look Ma! No Hands: Tilt Control Brings Touchless Navigation To Google Glass

Design agency Isobar’s new tool let’s you control Glass with head movements and blinks, which could be great for users with disabilities.

Look Ma! No Hands: Tilt Control Brings Touchless Navigation To Google Glass

Google Glass is still iterating its way toward non-creepiness, even if its wearers still look a little bit like dorky X-Men. Its utility in industries like medicine or firefighting, though, can’t be overstated, especially now that true hands-free controls are coming.

Digital creative agency Isobar just launched a new product for Glass called Tilt Control. Instead of bringing your hand up to swipe or touch, you can blink and tilt your head to navigate menus. Lean your head to the left, for example, and the UI will scroll in that direction, too.

Tilt Control was pioneered by Mike DiGiovanni–the same inventor who made it possible to snap Glass photos with a wink. The new app, he says in the video above, makes it possible for the disabled to enjoy the possibilities offered by Glass. And one could easily imagine it being useful in other situations, like when you’re cooking, or even performing open-heart surgery.

Aside from that, there are a few nominal concerns for Glass wearers: How does it differentiate commands when you’re simply moving around normally? And what about when people stare at you when you’re awkwardly jerking your neck around as you walk down the street? (Then again, if you’re the type of person terribly concerned with strangers staring at you, perhaps you shouldn’t be wearing Glass in the first place.)

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