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Breather, Like Zipcar For Workspaces, Launches In NYC

Find a quiet room to kick back, relax, or get some work done when you're out and about.

One of the more frustrating parts about working from home is finding a quiet place to focus when you're tired of living in your PJs and want leave your apartment. Coffee shops can quickly devolve into the Hunger Games when outlets are limited, and many people don't want to pay $250 a month for shared workspaces, no matter what kinds of crazy perks they offer.

That wiggle room in the middle is a space that a new service called Breather hopes to occupy. The service, which launches today in New York City, works like this: Instead of paying monthly rent for a desk you use once or twice a week, the Breather app lets you duck into one of its small, cozy (and very nicely furnished) workspaces for an hourly fee. You simply pick a location on the map, reserve a space for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, and unlock the door with a code on your phone. It's like an Airbnb or Zipcar for when you want to zen out, charge your phone, or sneak in a nap.

Currently, the service only operates in Montreal and New York, but plans to roll out to San Francisco before moving to other cities in the coming months. As John Pavlus wrote at Co.Design last year, it's "just a clean, safe, classily designed room with a couch, a desk, fast Wi-Fi, and no one to bother you while you do whatever it is you want to do in peace and quiet."

iOS users can download it here (with a free hour on the house), and Android users will get it soon.