• 02.27.14

Here Are The New Nutrition Labels That Actually Tell You What You’re Eating

The FDA today unveiled a proposal for new information labels on food that make it easier to tell at a glance what you’re eating, and offers more in-depth info, too.

The FDA today revealed a plan to change the nutritional labels on our food, to give consumers more info about what they are eating and to make the healthiness of what you’re eating more understandable.


The changes are both substantive and design-based. The FDA is going to try to be more realistic about what a serving is (they’re incredibly low right now). It’s removing the “calories from fat” column and adding a column for “added sugars,” as well as giving you more info on potassium and vitamin D.

It’s also made the calorie count much larger, so you can see it without even trying. It’s also moved the percentages of daily values to the left, giving them a lot more prominence. Even more helpful, the label now tells you the percent and the total amount, so you don’t have to go online to find out what the daily value of vitamin C is to find out how much you just ate.

Here are the labels side-by-side, via the WSJ:

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