A Mini-Museum Full Of Crazy Artifacts, Available For Your Desk

If you grew up watching Indiana Jones snatch priceless artifacts from evil interventionists, you know the value of something “that belongs in a museum!” Product designer Hans Fex grew up with a similar impulse. Now, after a lifetime of collecting things like mammoth hair, the Berlin Wall, pieces of Abraham Lincoln’s house, and fossilized dinosaur poop, he’s hoping to open a series of mini museums for the masses.

According to his Kickstarter campaign, Fex plans on suspending up to 33 fragments of precious objects in pocket-sized clear plastic. These fragments, he says, have been sourced from university historians, various specialists, and, in one case, Buzz Aldrin himself.

Fex casts things in resin for a living, but he’s crowdfunding special equipment he’ll need to mass-produce the mini museums. “The real risk of the mini museum project comes during the process of manufacturing at scale,” Fex writes. “I will be making each mini museum by hand and your support will allow me to purchase the right equipment and supplies to safely manufacture in large quantities.”

Watch Fex explain the project (and slice up a triceratops brow horn) here.SB