• 02.27.14

This Thai Lingerie Ad Goes For The Heart Instead Of The Loins

Wacoal uses a seven-minute short to tell a heartwarming tale of a single mom.

When it comes to clicking on a lingerie ad that’s longer than five minutes, you’d probably expect to see was something along the lines of what Penelope Cruz did for Agent Provocateur not too long ago. Namely, a lot of ladies in lingerie. The only tears it will trigger are those of joy over such an array of glamorously packaged butts.


The Thai division of Wacoal recently went an unexpected route with its “Beauty Inside” campaign, producing three short films that use sentiment over skin. Each is based on a true story of women who faced tough decisions. The brand saved the real kicker for the third installment, which tells the story of a single mom and her little girl June. Despite a stigma attached to her situation, the mom doesn’t feel the need to explain who or where June’s father is (ed: if we’re quibbling, we could argue that the creators of the ad copped out regarding the origins of June. If the scenario were different, would Jane be portrayed as such a saint?).

They’re melodramatic, bordering on full schmaltz, but it might just get you weepy in a way you never thought underwear could.

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