Samsung Is Even Bigger Than You Think

You know it for electronics, of course, but the Korean behemoth behind the new Galaxy S5 is much more than just phones and flat-screen TVs.

Samsung Is Even Bigger Than You Think
[Illustration by Vasava]

A few of the company’s many divisions

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1. Electronics

Headquartered in Samsung Digital City–its own self-contained complex in Suwon, South Korea–Samsung Group’s flagship empire
is the world’s largest IT company.

2. Life Insurance

With some 7,000 employees and more than $27 billion in revenue, Samsung Life is South Korea’s largest insurer.

3. C&T Corp.

Founded in 1938, the ­company’s original ­division provides engineering, construction, and investment services for projects like skyscrapers, bridges, and nuclear plants.

4. Heavy Industries

This 40-year-old branch focuses primarily on ­shipbuilding. It has produced 800 vessels worldwide, from ferries to Arctic tankers.

5. Techwin

Originally devoted to building precision machinery like aircraft engines and cameras, it now also handles surveillance, aeronautics, and weapons tech.

6. Everland Inc.

The resort-management arm oversees Everland, which houses a major theme park, water park, exotic-animal safari, and golf club.


7. Cheil Worldwide

Clients of this global marketing division include Audi, Jaguar, Adidas, and, of course, Samsung. Cheil has also acquired ad ­agencies in China and the U.S.

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How huge is Samsung Electronics’ Suwon headquarters?

320.7 Number of football fields it’s equivalent to 66,000 Number of meals served per day at on-site cafeterias, including 1,700 bags of rice.

The electronics division alone is massive

$216.7 billion 2013 revenue of Samsung Electronics.

$212 billion 2013 revenue of Microsoft, Google, and amazon . . . combined.

Samsung Electronics’ 2013 sales

61% IT & Mobile Communications
22% Consumer Electronics
17% Semiconductor Division