advertisement Lets You Program Your Own Game Of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird-sized hole in your heart? will let you program your own. Lets You Program Your Own Game Of Flappy Bird
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advertisement is putting the incredible popularity of Flappy Bird to good use. It just released a new initiative to help young people (or whoever, really) learn how to code by building their own customized version of the absurdly simple yet highly addicting game.


You don’t have to know anything about actually writing code, per se. Instead, the initiative taps into drag-and-drop programming using block commands to teach would-be coders the basics, like event handlers. Tap the screen, and the bird flaps. Or bounces. Or transforms into Superman. The program walks learners through various stages of challenges, and each block represents a few lines of JavaScript that curious eyes can peek through.

It’s a neat project, particularly for young folks interested in the computer sciences but who don’t really know where to start, or find the initial hurdles of learning to code a bit intimidating. You can program your own game of Flappy Bird here.

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