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Google Is Lobbying States To Kill Restrictions On Wearing Glass While Driving

At least eight states have considered such legislation, but none have passed any measures to restrict the use of Google Glass while driving... yet.

[Image: Flickr user lawrencegs]

The Google Glass driving ticket was just the start. Though San Diego resident Cecilia Abadie's citation for distracted driving was thrown out, at least eight states are considering regulation against wearing Glass while driving. In turn, the search giant is lobbying at least three states to stop such restrictions, reports Reuters.

Google has lobbyists in Illinois, Delaware, and Missouri trying to convince legislators not to pass bills that restrict the use of Glass while operating a vehicle. Demonstrating the tech company's influence, Reuters reports Google enlisted John Borovicka, former political director for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a month after an Illinois state senator introduced a proposal to regulate Glass while driving. So far, no states have passed any measures to restrict drivers' use of Google Glass.