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Twitch Will Arrive On the Xbox One... Finally

The game-centric live-streaming platform will be available on the console three and a half months after its November launch.

[Image: Flickr user mastermaq]

Microsoft announced Tuesday that Twitch, the live-streaming platform focused on gameplay, will arrive on its Xbox One console March 11, three and a half months after its November launch.

"With Twitch streaming confirmed for release on Xbox One, a huge number of console owners are about to be introduced to game broadcasting and the Twitch community," said Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro in a statement provided to Fast Company. "This puts Twitch in a staggering number of living rooms. The Twitch experience on Xbox One is easily the most feature-complete of our console integrations, and will hopefully turn on legions of gamers to the Twitch phenomenon."

The Xbox One's rival, the PlayStation 4, has had Twitch integration since its launch, leading to a spike in interest. Twitch said PS4 owners accounted for 20% of broadcasters over the holidays. Earlier this month, Twitch announced it now has 1 million broadcasters and that viewers watched 13 billion minutes per month. To reflect Twitch's growth, parent company Inc. recently renamed itself Twitch Interactive.

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