Minor League Baseball, Meet Major League Advertising

Minor League Baseball, Meet Major League Advertising
[Photo by David Sailors, Corbis]

Is there interest?

“We’re the challengers. [Corporate advertisers] have been to minor-league games before, but they thought of it as an experience with the 5,000 people in the stadium. When they realize we can create scale, I see lightbulbs going off.”

What’s the pitch?

“We tell corporate America what we stand for: We’re philanthropic, we’re connected to community, and we have an exciting product on the field with future stars of the game. We’re part of the fabric of Americana.”

Are the minor leagues better for some brands?

“People don’t block out the environment when they come to our parks. Brands are part of the experience. For every leading brand that feels a need to go with MLB, we’re perfect for brands two through nine.”

The Numbers Are a Home Run

Compare MiLB’s attendance with other leagues’: