Can You Hawk on Facebook?

Can You Hawk on Facebook?
[Image: Flickr user Dragonseye]

Brands on social media walk a fine line between courting fans and repelling them. Fast Company asked readers…

What’s the most annoying thing brands do on social media?*

Oh, really? We tested the results:

Over five days we tracked four popular brands on Facebook. First, we checked out how often they “tried to sell me stuff.” Then we looked at how “liked” their sales pitches were, compared to their average Facebook post.

% of Total Posts That Were Sales Pitches**

% Gain or Drop in “Likes” for Sales Pitches

The conclusion:

Yes, you can hawk–if that’s your company’s primary messaging mission. Brands that pitched more got more props per pitch; brands that pitched less got dinged.

*Inspired by a similar survey conducted by U.K.–based PR agency Disruptive Communications.
**Sales pitch identified as a post containing an overt pitch or a link to buy. done mid-January.