The Recommender

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender
Maxwell Ryan Founder and CEO, Apartment Therapy recommends the Soma Water Filter [Image courtesy of Soma]

1. Grace Lee
Cofounder, Eight by Eight

advertisement “This service lets me log in to my computer at work from my tablet or laptop . . . anywhere. Got me out of a few tight jams.”

Brookstone’s Pocket Projector Mobile: “My favorite new toy! When I’m not using it for work, I project movies on the ceiling so I can watch in bed. It is beyond awesome.”

2. Maxwell Ryan
Founder and CEO, Apartment Therapy


FlyKly Wheel: “This smart bike wheel feels to me like the logical conclusion to the meshing of human-powered and technical travel. It’s a genius, compact, and self-sustaining idea.”

Somawater: “Everyone drinks filtered water, but dispensers for the home are expensive and ugly. These guys have audaciously sought to fill it with this elegant, iconic solution.”

3. Justin Cooke
CEO, Innovate7


Punch Drunk: “It’s a theater experience in London where you interact with the physical and digital in the most incredible way. I love when the physical and digital worlds merge–it’s always been my biggest fascination.”

Information Is Beautiful, by David McCandless: “This book visualizes data in an enthralling way. Data can be the most beautiful, artistic thing in the world, and this is living proof of that.”

4. Kate Lee
Director of content, Medium


Everlane: “I do most of my shopping online, and this year I discovered Everlane. It’s my go-to place for quality basics.”

The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt: “This book–big, messy, sprawling–is as good as everyone says it is, even if its depiction of New York City is more 1970s than 2000s.”

5. Grace Woo
Founder, Pixels.IO


Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins: “It’s chock-full of smart little tidbits that deserve some more attention. For example: What if homes were sold with a public-transit pass instead of a garage?”

Noam Chomsky’s talks on YouTube: “A friend of mine reintroduced me to Chomsky’s writing when I visited, to gain some insight into Pixels.IO‘s problems.”

6. Lara Setrakian
Founder, Syria Deeply


YogaGlo: “Their HD videos let me take my om on the road, keeping me balanced on
the entrepreneurial road show.”

Startup Rising, by Christopher M. Schroeder: “An inspiring account of young people in the Middle East, building promising companies in the bleakest days of political turmoil.”

7. Ami Ben David
Cofounder, EverythingMe


Retronaut: “If, like me, you love history, you can find yourself totally lost in this gem of a site, lovingly collecting historical pictures and grouping them into beautiful time capsules.”

HappySale: “It’s a supereasy way to sell stuff you have in your house and don’t need anymore. Simply take a snap, add a couple of details, and instantly sell it across your social networks.”

8. Erica Cerulo
Cofounder, Of a Kind


Regular Coffee: “Having coffee beans delivered right to my door by this Grand Rapids–based company somehow saves me a.m. anxiety.”

The Needle & The Mouse: “The couple behind this podcast could not be more charming. She’s a fashion geek, he’s a tech junkie, and the way they each speak to the field that’s not theirs is especially enlightening.”