Now You Can Preorder Blackphone, The Phone That Puts Privacy First

The phone running a special Android build called PrivatOS is available for preorder for $629.

Now You Can Preorder Blackphone, The Phone That Puts Privacy First
[Image: Blackphone]

Blackphone, the Android phone that wants to put privacy and control in users’ hands, launched Monday at Mobile World Congress and is available for preorder for $629.

A joint effort between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, Blackphone runs a security-oriented Android build called PrivatOS on a 2 GHz Quad Core CPU. With it, owners can securely make phone and video calls, send text messages, transfer and store files, browse the web, and anonymize traffic with a VPN. Madrid-based Geeksphone developed the first Firefox developer handsets, and at the helm of Washington, D.C.-based Silent Circle is cofounder and president Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, a widely used data encryption and decryption program used in communication.

Similar to the recently proposed “kill-switch” legislation in California and the U.S. Senate, the Blackphone also includes a tool to remotely wipe itself.

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