What If You Saw A Shivering Child On The Street? This Hidden Camera Ad Shows How Real People React

If you saw a kid shivering at the bus stop, what would you do? Okay, so you might give them your jacket, or your mitts and scarf, maybe even help them get home safe. With this new ad, SOS Children’s Villages Norway asks that if you’d do that for a kid sitting in front of you, why not help out a child halfway around the world in even more need?

The spot, produced by Släger Kommunikasjon and Pure Content, confronts everyday Oslo residents with a shivering child at a bus stop. The kid, an actor, tells anyone who asks that his jacket has been stolen on a school trip.

Synne Rønning of SOS Children’s Villages Norway says the goal was to address our tendency to become numb to crises that don’t directly affect ourselves. “Our goal was to get people thinking about the fact that a child in Syria will experience the cold in the same way that the child next door does, and that children should not suffer, not if we can do anything about it,” says Rønning. “The idea came from the fact that we give jackets to children in Syria, and the question was raised–would you donate your jacket to a freezing child?”

Donor fatigue is still a major issue around the globe, but this spot illustrates how little difference there is between doing something to help a crisis a world away and responding to one face to face.JB