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Samsung Bashes Apple (Again) In Galaxy Note 3 Ad

And it's enlisting the help of LeBron James, to boot.

Putting one of its elite influencers to work (sort of), Samsung is enlisting the eminently marketable LeBron James for one of its favorite pastimes—making fun of Apple.

In a new commercial for the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung uses a video of Bron throwing down a dunk to show off the phone/tablet's big, glitzy 5.7-inch HD screen, contrasting it with—as the narrator puts it—"this other phone" and its less pixel-dense 4-inch display. "Shouldn't we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that's actually high definition?" asks the narrator. "Boo-yah!" he adds, enthusiastically.

Samsung's latest push comes just a few weeks after the leading Android phone maker's marketing squad was rumored to be policing Apple logos in Sochi—a charge Samsung denied to Fast Company. Now, with news swirling of a new Galaxy S5 imminent and the annual iPhone rumor mill already humming along, it's no surprise to see the two companies back at it again.