• 02.19.14

The Cutest Crash Course in Cinema History You’ve Ever Seen

Pier Paolo presents iconic film characters, in short form.

Classic film has never been so adorable. Cinematics is a short cartoon featuring iconic heroes and anti-heroes of Hollywood, all of them depicted as delightfully squat egg-heads. Set to the music of the various film scores and Aphex Twin, Cinematics covers cinema greats from Charlie Chaplin to the old man from Pixar’s 2009 tear-jerker, Up. The brain behind all of this cartoony cuteness is Brazilian art director Pier Paolo. His video may not be the most comprehensive crash course in cinematic history, but it’s definitely the most “aww”-inducing.


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Jennifer Miller is the author of The Year of the Gadfly (Harcourt, 2012) and Inheriting The Holy Land (Ballantine, 2005). She's a regular contributor to Co.Create.